the benefits of blogging
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The Benefits Of Blogging

Today I’m happy to host Valentina Drobnjak to attempt to convert some of my non-blogging readers into bloggers! Take it away, Valentina.

I’m Valentina Drobnjak, part of a happy First Site Guide family! We at FSG believe that web is for everyone. It’s a great place to be and make new connections from all parts of the world or just your own neighborhood. We want you to be a part of it, and we can help you to get there with our easy to follow step-by-step Free guides.

The Benefits Of Blogging

Have you been thinking about starting your own blog? Many people think about starting a blog but never get around to actually getting the ball rolling with it. You will be relieved to know how easy it is to get started and maintain a blog. There are tools available to help you get started with a blog as well as motivational help and ideas to keep you going and help you build a successful blog. Whether you choose to blog for your personal use, professional use, or for your business, it can benefit you in different ways.

Benefits Of A Personal Blog

A personal blog can benefit your life in more ways than you might think. Just ask the scores of successful “mommy bloggers”, writers, and others who have learned to love to express themselves on their own blog. When you blog about what you are passionate about, you establish yourself as an authentic expert on the topic you know best. For “mommy bloggers” it is about their family and children. This is one category that has become very popular and many stay at home moms are able to supplement their income from advertising income and free samples given for review. That is just one example of how a personal blog can turn into much more and help enhance your life. For others who just write about what they are passionate about whether it is travel, art, food, or a hobby, some of the benefit comes from sharing what you love. Blogging in a public arena also allows you to connect with other like minds, educate, learn, and connect.

Benefits of Having A Professional Blog
Many professionals choose to create and maintain their own blog that highlights their expertise and love of what they do. For most professional bloggers, the goal is to establish expertise in their field. However, some professionals who write about their industry or profession, it is because the love what they do and feel compelled to share and show their passion by writing about it on their blog. Sharing their knowledge, teaching, and connecting with others in their industry is a big part of the reward and benefits for professional bloggers. The other benefits come from the exposure and recognition as an expert.

Benefits of Having A Business Blog
Setting up and maintaining a blog for your business can be very beneficial in several ways. A blog is a communication tool for your business. That is the most important thing to remember to ensure success for your business blog. Your blog is a tool for telling your customers and target audience about your business, your industry, and your community. A business blog should include content, images, and video that show the public what you sell, what you do, talk about special events your business participates in and news or current events.

Tools To Help You Start And Maintain A Blog

When you have a blog, content and consistent posting are key elements to success. However, you need to start somewhere. Luckily, tools and resources are readily available to anyone wanting to start a blog. Start a Blog today using the tools and assistance from FirstSiteGuide. There you can read chapter by chapter all about how to start blogging complete with an introduction, how to set up a blog, how to manage a blog, creating content, promoting and monetizing. Return to the FirstSiteGuide often to get continual support, ideas for content, and the latest tools and resources. If you are a visual learner, we’ve got you covered too with a whole section of educational videos about blogging. It is a complete video library with tutorials on so many different topics about WordPress, self-hosting, how to create a new post, managing comments, setting up and appearance, look, and feel of your blog, and much, much more. In the long list of videos, you will also see that you can learn about more advanced blogging techniques and even how to start a niche blog.


If you have been thinking about or wanting to start a blog and weren’t sure how to or where to start, we hope that this article and the links inside have helped to motivate and inspire you to finally break the ice. Once you see how easy it is and know where to get step by step instructions either written or on video, you will find blogging to be easy, fun, and beneficial. No matter what your goal is for maintaining a blog, it can be very beneficial for personal, professional, or business uses.

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7 Comments on “The Benefits Of Blogging

  1. Blogging has given a new dimension to my life…And I love it… I always knew I don’t really want to be an engineer and that I don’t really am passionate about my job in the IT Industry… Blogging has given me the chance to pursue what I love to do, which is to write..

  2. It took me two years to start blogging after the idea sprouted in my mind. It is all about taking that first step. I’m still a baby at this but I am glad I tried. Blogging gives me a different kind of pleasure- of expression, being heard out, understood, praised, advised by fellow bloggers who I have never even met 🙂

  3. Blogging is immensely relaxing and feels like an achievement too. I feel it combines the best of reading and writing and making great friends. Now I feel I should have kept on blogging when I had discovered it ages ago…..I just thought I can’t write that much!
    And now I can’t imagine my life without my blog.

  4. Hey Corinne – blogging changed my life and made me a better person:) To blog is to live (and to grow!)

    Blogging allows us to connect with ourselves and others. Agree with all the points above on the many benefits of blogging and going to check out the videos mentioned about blogging.

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