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Slowing Down

 For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. ~ Lily Tomlin

It’s been almost a month since I’ve been away from active blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a few posts and shared them too – but not at my normal pace. Part of the reason has been that I’ve been busy moving to our temporary home in another city. But more than that, we were unable to get a good internet connection going.

While I grumbled about this off and on, I’ve enjoyed the forced break. I love the way the Universe truly conspires to give you what you need. I know that this ‘slow’ time has been just what I needed to get my priorities right. I’ve had the chance to settle into a routine, spend time with family and of course, read like a fiend!

Would it shock you to know that I didn’t really miss Facebook or Twitter all that much? What I did miss a lot was my writing on the blog/s and otherwise. This brought me back a deep desire of going back to blogging basics again. Chatting with Vidya Sury, who totally believes in making time to smell the flowers,  I realized that she felt exactly the same way. Here’s what she said: “Some days I want no internet and just want to potter around the house or go out or read or watch TV or cook or focus on one of my hobbies.” I hear you loud and clear, Vidya and echo the feeling!

I often wonder why we need circumstances – sometimes not pleasant ones – to make us slow down. Don’t we know what’s good for us? We keep pushing ourselves unnecessarily, trying to prove ourselves to God-knows-who (or is that ‘whom’?) and wondering where the time goes. I opted out of the rat race of corporate life several years ago, but it’s easy to get caught up in busyness of my own making.

I’m not sure whether this is age-related, but more and more I’m consciously slowing down and making time to observe and enjoy life. Pablo helps greatly. You can’t take life too seriously around a boxer! In the new place, I can actually take him for a walk and enjoy doing this. Just today, he got three walks and I feel better for having spent this time with him. It gave me time to ruminate while I walked.

Life is good and I’m grateful for all my blessings. I’ve decided that slowing down is what I’m going to do, so that I can enjoy life and all that I have more fully!

may you never be so busy


Have you ever consciously tried slowing down? Do you think it helps?


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27 Comments on “Slowing Down

  1. Moving to Hyderabad must have taken quite a toll. How’s Pablo settling down in the new place?
    I’ve always believed in smelling the roses but I do also enjoy the internet because it helps me stay in touch with friends who are far away.

    1. Not really, Kalpanaa, because it’s ‘home’ for me with my family being close around. Pablo loves the fact that he has a yard to play in! 😉

      I love the internet too, but sometimes I allow it to consume me.

  2. For me, part of slowing down was making the decision to move to a less expensive city so I could reduce my working hours to part time. It’s a financial sacrifice, but the extra time and daily ability to stop and smell the roses is so, so valuable.

  3. Two yeses to your questions, Corinne.

    I doubt if the need to slow down is age-related. Age is just a number. For me, it is the digital overwhelm 😀 And I find it wonderful to just sign out, switch off and focus on being happy. My today’s happiness was watching two movies back to back with my folks. Totally unexpected – we didn’t plan it. We just slid into it. Yes, I like “happy”!

  4. I’m so glad you took that time to slow down, Corinne. It’s so important! However, I really, really missed your blogs during your absence. Always look forward to reading them!
    Love and blessings, my friend!

  5. “Some days I want no internet and just want to potter around the house or go out or read or watch TV or cook or focus on one of my hobbies.”


    I totally agree.

    My goal is to take weekends off. It will be difficult, but enough is enough.

    Great post, Corinne.

  6. Yes Corinne – I’m with you. and like Vidya said, it’s not age related but this digital business can be so overwhelming.
    I love your blogging basics too … I’d just started blogging without any structure and now I’m feeling the need of it.

    My focus at the minute is to have a few days a week when I leave the computer switched off until later in the day … just quickly checking emails and Facebook messages on my phone in the morning in case there’s something urgent. I’m getting so much more done …

  7. Trust me.. I know exactly what you mean. I’m still young in the medical field but I already feel the burden of a life passing me by as each day wears on… life has become entirely about saving a life or helping a doc fix a fracture or some such.. all those little things in life like stopping and just enjoying the beauty of life around me seems like a distant memory.

    Conversely, while I do crave to slow down and see the world or just relax for a day or two, I dont know if I can give up the net yet 🙂 for me, my sole contact with the outside world on some hectic duty days tends to be the internet.

  8. I am so happy to read a new blog post from you Corinne after so long 🙂 And what a great post to come back with. A few years ago my husband and I left our hectic jobs and are happy living the slow life in a little town (far from our hometowns), with not much social life (and that’s the way I like it). So reading, writing, being at home, gardening and other such “slow” things are what occupy most of my time. Social media has been a good means for me to connect with friends and family at various places, but sometimes I do feel that it is getting a bit too much. Though I try to limit my time there, still I feel I need to cut it down a bit. But blogging…now that’s a different thing. I started that to express some of my thoughts and to work on my writing, and it has over the last year become quite an important part of my life. However, there too I have noticed that I am beginning to prefer the “slow-down” idea a bit. I am now posting once or twice a week (max), and that’s how I like it now. It helps me stay fresh in my mind and makes me more conscious of what I want to write about and how. And at the same time leaves me time to visit some other blogs I enjoy. So there is a lot of value in slowing down 🙂
    But who knows, as you say, it could be simply age-related 😉
    Hope you all have now comfortably settled in your new surroundings, new home. Take care! And welcome back.

  9. So much of social media is just a waste of our time that keeps us busy consuming other people’s content, instead of creating our own stuff. I’ve always found myself consciously slowing down as I’ve gotten older. I find I am so much more creative and productive when I’m relaxed and doing less.

  10. I’m so happy to hear this, Corrine, as I’m in the very same slow down stream. I changing my work to play ratio in favor of play. I think it’s challenging for several reasons. One is that our identity gets so wrapped up in what we do or in our busyness. And, then I truly believe social media is addictive. So we have to positive ways to wean ourselves away! I’m so happy for you. Please keep leading us slowly in the right direction.

  11. I agree big time with both of you, it is not a race and we need to unwind. Only that I forget it sometimes. Love the quote.
    As my mom says, “Just Chill”.

  12. Honestly I have been in “slow down” mode since the A-Z in April. I just haven’t felt the same way about blogging since. I have taken that as a hint that the slow down is what I need, that maybe I am just not up for marathon blogging anymore. While I don’t think I am ready to throw in the towel on blogging completely, I am prepared to spend more time away from the computer and blog less. Still blog, but somehow blogging every single day, week end, week out just doesn’t seem that important anymore. I enjoy the interaction of blogging and putting up a post 2-4 times a week seems to serve my purpose. There is more to life than being chained to a computer. With that said, it is good to see you back and good to hear you enjoyed your time away as I knew you would.

  13. I don’t remember having initiated a process of slowing down, but whenever the opportunity to slow down has presented itself, I’ve grabbed it with both hands. I keep reminding myself that the earth will continue to rotate on its axis and revolve around the sun if I slow down.

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