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Can You Learn To Be Creative

I realized how uncreative I was when the water colour painting I envisioned in my school art room, turned out to be a mess and my art teacher nodded her head in sympathy! Drawing and painting were always things I longed to do – the talent I wish I had. I resigned myself to being an uncreative person for life!

There was one creative thing I wished to do too – and that was to write. When I was in Class 10 I wrote a story  that the teacher liked very much. However, before she asked me to read it out in class, she checked if I had copied it from someplace!! Her reason for asking was because I had used words like ‘valise’ and ‘valet’ in my story. Thankfully, she believed me and also told me to use language that fitted into the milieu I lived in. I’m not sure if that was an encouraging or disheartening experience, but I learned from it.

Still I hestitated to give writing a real go. It wasn’t until 8 years ago, when I started this blog, that I began to take writing seriously. However, I still considered myself uncreative.

Can You Learn To Be Creative?

My perception of creativity changed dramatically when I read and attempted to follow Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’. I realized that all of us are inherently creative. Our creativity is blocked by life’s experiences, but mostly by an inner critic that stops us from being all we can be. I began to see creativity as an expression of my spirituality. (In this context, do read my friend Martha Orlando’s recent post, In His Image).

This life-changing book taught me to tell my inner critic to take a hike! I began to be bolder and more creative in my writing.

And recently, the talent I wish I had was let loose in the Mindfulness For Intentional Living Workshop I attended. I realized that all of us can paint. We are all artists. It does not matter what my inner critic says about my art or what any one else has to say. I’m going to paint and doodle and express myself creatively and joyfully. And that’s what I’ve started to do. Here are a couple of samples.


So if you were to ask me if someone can learn to be creative, I’d have to say we’re all inherently creative, but we have to learn to still our inner critic and start expressing our creativity. And what is a must is that we constantly open ourselves out to new experiences and ideas and learn how to express our creativity.

I’m happy to know that all over the world there is a move to discuss creativity, to learn it and even to teach it!

Gerard Puccio, chairman of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State University, talks about learning and teaching creativity:

First, my own personal experience in going through creativity training. As a young man I was the poster-child for someone who was uncreative, had much more of an athletic bent. Through undergraduate course work in creativity, I was able to dramatically improve my creative-thinking prowess. So personal experience. Second, as a practitioner, both as a trainer and educator, I have worked with thousands of people and watched their transformation as a result of creativity training. Finally, as a scholar I am familiar with the research that has experimentally tested the ‘trainability’ of creativity – and the evidence is conclusive. Creativity training has been shown to significantly improve creative attitude, creative performance, and creative problem-solving skills.

I’ll have a lot more to say on creativity in the days ahead as I participate in the Write Tribe Festival of Words #4 with the theme, Creativity and Inspiration.

What do you think about yourself? Creative or uncreative? Can one learn to be creative?

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21 Comments on “Can You Learn To Be Creative

  1. Very true, being in creative is the only way you can break the monotony of life. Some one rightly said – ‘change is the only constant’

  2. corinne, well said…We are all inherently creative. We think we are not because to date the word ‘creative’ has been very narrowly defined.

  3. Well said, we all have a creative streak inside us. It just needs to be explored and worked on it a bit more. Glad that you rekindled your love for painting and drawing, once again, Corinne! Way to go 🙂

  4. Yes! How wonderful to still the chatter of the inner critic, something so many struggle with. And isn’t true that so often we are arrested by words uttered by someone from our past? I love the glimpse of your creations that you provided here, Corrine. Thank you for sharing your journey, no doubt your experience will inspire others to embrace their creativity as well.

  5. Of course creativity can be learnt. As you mentioned in your post we are all innately creative – some more artistic than others. If nothing else at least you can create a mess 😉

  6. The day we dare to be creative…we become creative. Your write ups always teach me a thing or two. This one was one of them.
    Thanks for bringing the Festival of Words again 🙂

  7. I agree to the fact that we are all inherently creative. Learning to be creative is also possible. We just need to look at things with a fresh perspective.
    Enjoyed reading your post and those paintings you are done are awesome.

  8. I truly believe that EVERYONE is creative – we just need to figure out in which area(s) we feel most comfortable and fulfilled expressing our creativity. Well done for branching out into trying your hand at painting – that’s on my creative bucket list as well!

  9. Thank you so much, Corinne, for linking my post to your marvelous one on creativity! Yes, I believe with you that each of us is creative in his or her own way. We simply have to develop the gifts which God has given us.
    Blessings, my friend!!!

  10. What an awesome post! I love that “tell my inner critic to take a hike” – amen, sister! I can draw, using charcoal or water color as mediums – but I never thought of myself as really very artistic because I couldn’t just sit down and create something. I can copy – put something in front of me and I can duplicate it exactly on paper. I always envied those who could just whip an idea out of their head and put it on paper! NOW I am no longer going to criticize myself. I will dig out my easel, paints, pencils, papers and create! You do inspire!! p.s. I LOVE your art – it’s beautiful!

  11. Everyone is talented at something, that’s for sure! I would agree, that inner critic is a real bitch and needs to be silenced. 🙂 How great that you’ve rediscovered your love of painting, Corinne and I like your examples here.

  12. Oh Corinne, you inspire me to a better me. Creativity, I believe, is more about finding ways to express ourselves than about ‘creating’ things and I think you’ve done a terrific job of doing exactly that! Not only have you figured out how to express yourself but now you are also adding creating things to your repertoire!! Lovely you are, absolutely lovely

  13. Love the part that says “It does not matter what my inner critic says”. We tend to listen to that from the stumbling blocks we had growing up. We should all give light to how we can better ourselves. Do what you want, “the talent I wish I had”. The only real judge is you, who cares what others think.

  14. So true that each of us is creative in our own way. Those who paint tell me it’s very relaxing. In school, I was quite good at painting and one of my paintings was on display for a while but somehow I never pursued that. But I love to Zentangle.

  15. Thanks for this Corinne – I was just like you at school! O dear!! I guess part ofthe journey is learning where your personal creativity lies, then finding the courage to let it out, and flow freely.
    For most of us that is easier said than done though 😉

  16. Corinne, I LOVE your artwork!! I was admiring it whilst reading down the page and then discovered it’s your own. How wonderful that you’re exploring this talent of yours. I look forward to seeing more of your art. 🙂

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