I Feel Love Again
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I Feel Love Again #writebravely #FridayReflections

I’m participating in the Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge through October and will be following the prompts suggested. I’ve also decided to focus on the theme of Anonymously Mestories that people have shared with me and that we could all learn lessons from. Today’s Anonymously Me story, I Feel Love Again,  was told to me by a man in his mid-30s from India.

If you have a story you’d like to share anonymously on Everyday Gyaan, do contact me. You can be assured that I will keep your name and details confidential.


I Feel Love Again

She’s back. I saw her at our favourite haunt, evening. I was with my group of my friends, and she was with hers. We literally bumped into each other. To say that it was awkward, would be an understatement. But we both made the effort to be polite. She told me, a bit sheepishly, that things hadn’t worked out for her in the US. She’s planning to give her business another go here. We spoke about our respective families and exchanged a warm handshake before we went to our respective tables.

You’re going to probably laugh at me, but I just have to tell you this. I am thrilled. Oh, I do feel bad that her plans didn’t materialize. But she can make a success of herself here. I know it. I believe in her – I always have. It’s just that she was so fixated on this US thing. I still remember the night she broke up with me. She wanted a complete break, and I was fighting it. I didn’t think I had the strength to carry on.

Thank you for telling me to let her go. I remember you saying, ‘Let her go, if she was meant to be in your life, she’ll return.’  Also I can’t ever forget that quote you shared with me – ‘True love is always wanting what’s best for someone, even if that doesn’t include you.’

I Feel Love Again

Well, she’s back and I feel love again. (Oh yes, I borrowed Pavlo’s song)

In many ways, I’m glad we got these two years apart. Thanks to your encouragement, I’ve used this time well. No longer am I a soppy young man – I’ve grown in self-confidence and self-worth. I’ve focused on my work and it has paid off. I’ve even invested in a house. At many levels, I’m so much more ready to settle down than I was back then.

You’re going to tell me, I’m imagining it, but I did sense that she was interested in me. I sensed that she was grateful that I had respected her wishes and given her the space she needed.

Now I’m ready to make a concerted effort to get my ex back permanently. She always will be the love of my life. You know that.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me us. And don’t worry, I remember what you told me –  respect and space and plenty of love!


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8 Comments on “I Feel Love Again #writebravely #FridayReflections

  1. I was once at a stage where the only thing kept me going was “if he was meant to be, let him go, if he comes back you know he is yours.” Funny though that it never happened lol, but i am happy it did not else i would have not met the love of my life and married him. 🙂 Loved the post, i could relate to it 🙂

  2. This is such a sweet tale of love and hope. Its so tough to understand when someone is asked to let go – you keep wanting to cling on and make it work; telling yourself and the world it will be ok. But it wont be and its so hard to give it up. So its pure joy when that love returns in your life. I hope they do make a go of it!

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