Don't Die With Your Music Still In You
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Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You

In 2001, Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book called 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace (Puffy Books) , based on the most important principles he wanted his children to live by. Serena Dyer, one of those children, has contemplated these ideas throughout her life. “Don’t die with your music still in you” has been the most important principle for Serena: to her, it means that you don’t allow yourself to live any life other than the one you were born to live. In this book, Serena sets out to explain what it was like to grow up with spiritual parents. She touches upon all ten of her dad’s original secrets, imparting her own experiences with them and detailing how they have affected the way she approaches various situations in life. She shares stories, struggles, and triumphs—and Wayne, in turn, contributes his own perspective. This unique father-daughter collaboration will warm the hearts of all parents . . . and inspire anyone who is looking to find the “music” inside themselves.


Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You: My Experience Growing Up with Spiritual Parents
By: Serena Dyer and Wayne W Dyer
Published by: Hay House, Inc
ISBN : 140193627X (ISBN13: 9781401936273)

Growing up with spiritual parents has taught me that receiving all the love and wisdom in the world is a beautiful thing, but it won’t help you, until you learn to love and treasure every part of yourself. ~ Serena Dyer


Serena tells a wonderful story of growing up in remarkable family – one which was open to all kinds of spiritual experiences. Wayne and his wife encouraged their children to find their own passion and to live out their calling. Serena displayed autistic tendencies when she was little and the way her parents found alternative methods of helping her out of it is amazing.  Despite the environment she grew up in and all the love she received, Serena, like every one of us had to find her own inner truth and calling. She shares this in a personal and interesting way. To have Wayne Dyer,  tell his side of the same story in his ‘Dad voice’ makes the book truly a treasure.


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4 Comments on “Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You

  1. Great title and I also love the advice about “following the herd” and stepping in shit. Must add this to my ever-growing reading list.

  2. Yes, this is one of my favorite quotes: Don’t die with your music still in you. I didn’t realize they had written this book together until now! I will have to get it 🙂 Eric

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