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Celebrations and Food

Celebrations and food – they go together, don’t they? In our home they do!

On New Year’s day when talking on the telephone to my mother, she asked us what we planned eat for the day.  She was a little taken aback when I told her I planned to cook lunch and dinner and suggested we go out or order in. Julia Child, the celebrity chef and cookbook author said: “I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.” Well, I’ll have add 10 years to Julia’s statement- I was almost 42 when I really started cooking and that explains my mother’s surprise, I guess!

But José is an absolute foodie and it has completely rubbed off on to me. So we had our New Year’s menu planned at least four days before 1st January. Yes, Cafe  7Eight believes in planning sometimes and here’s what I turned out.

Lunch consisted of Portuguese pork chops. This is something I remember my Mum making and we all loved it. Pork chops marinated with rum, garlic and chilli flakes….my mouth is watering even as I write this. We normally avoid red meat – eating healthy as we do – so it’s only on special days that we indulge. However, we always ensure that we have plenty of vegetables – either raw or cooked – to balance the meat. So we had a big cabbage and green apple salad with a ginger vinaigrette.  Two pork chops apiece, loads of salad and a bread roll – made quite a meal.


 For dinner, I took a big risk by offering to fry fish! Usually, I leave all the fish frying/cooking to José – but this was pomfret and wanted to show off a bit. Dinner was pomfret marinated in ginger, garlic, pepper and lemon and fried in a batter of eggs and bread crumbs. The accompaniment was one of our favourite salads – cucumber with coconut, mustard and green chillies. A light meal, like our dinners usually are. The wine was in honour of the day, of course! 😉


Most days, including special ones, we eat home cooked food, but off and on we get lazy or we want something special that we don’t have the ingredients for or the inclination to cook. That’s when Food Panda comes to our rescue now. Have you tried it out?

It’s an easy way to order food online anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is go to the Food Panda website and enter your city and location and a whole lot of options for restaurants in the vicinity pop up. For example, if you’re in Mumbai and located in Colaba, you’ll have all these restaurants show as options. You decide which restaurant you want to order from, browse the menu and select what you want to order.

Tonight is celebration time –  it’s Republic Day in India  and the eve of our wedding anniversary – so it is Smokin’ Joes – we believe that they give the foreign pizza brands a good run for their money – and with less cheese if you say so.   Our pizza choices included – Woodcutter – spinach, onion, mushroom and basil; Hot chicken – spicy chicken and cheese and Barbecued chicken – chicken, mushroom and onion. Since most restaurants in Mumbai, have a cash on delivery only option, it’s a big plus to order our pizzas (or other food) via Food Panda, since we  pay by card. We got an email to confirm our order, followed by a confirmation SMS from the restaurant.  And our pizzas arrived in quick time, yummy as usual, with no extra delivery charges for ordering online.


I must confess I was salivating too much to take a picture and have snagged one off the Smokin’ Joes site to make your mouths water! 😉

I would love to hear your how food forms part of your celebrations of special occasions in your home.

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30 Comments on “Celebrations and Food

  1. This is so cool! I discovered Food Panda last year – and through them we discovered a lovely restaurant that home delivers food. We are not big fans of eating out either but once in a while it is a good idea. Invariably it is pizza from Pizza Hut thanks to one particular family member loving it.

    I need the recipe for your green apple + cabbage salad! 😀

    Happy Anniversary, Corinne! We spent that Jan 26 together – what fond memories! 😀
    Hugs…may your life always be full of happiness, health and joy!

    1. I remember that post and know that family member who likes pizza! 😉

      I gave you the recipe by post – will share it on the blog soon, Vidya.

      And thank you – yes, 7 years ago you made that day very special – thank you! ♥

  2. Oh, you already know what foodies Danny and I are! 🙂 Loved your photos and descriptions of these tasty meals. You had my mouth watering, too!
    And, Happy and Blessed Anniversary to you both! Love and blessings!

  3. Food has always been an integral part of our lives around and on a celebration. It has usually been going out and sometimes a take out. Till today we cherish this habit 🙂

    Wishing you many more blissful years with Jose, Corinne!

  4. A very Happy Anniversary to you both!! Blessing and joy for many years to come. All that glorious food made me hungry…especially the pizza! I love pizza! ♥♥

  5. Oh My! I am not a fan of Pork and Pomfret, but that Pizza is going to drag me away from my diet! 🙁

    We also celebrate with food. A special breakfast once in a while. A home made Biriyani once in a while. Pick up the menu to order Pizza once in a while. We mostly dine out when we have cravings for a good steak or tandoori items. So that’s where we head to on special occasions. 🙂

    I have heard there is website like that here too. I haven’t tried it yet though. Amazing idea it is. Must look into it now. 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary Corinne and wish you both a lifetime of wonderful togethgerness. I was drooling over the pictures you posted, though I don’t eat pork but the marinade sounds very interesting and heady 😉
    We order out a lot because of the kids and any holiday is an excuse for them to 🙂 They like Chinese, Subway, Pizzas and grilled chicken so we end up eating one of these on every occassion 🙂

  7. Happy anniversary to you and Jose, Corinne!! Wishing you many more with lots of love, happiness and health! 🙂
    Food and celebrations go hand in hand at our place too!! And when we have a master chef at home, it has to be all the more grand, always!! That pizza is making me drool and I feel like taking a slice from it!! 😀

  8. Considering that I am such a terrible cook, there’s not much experimenting that I do anyway.
    But I love to eat and so this post was a treat to the eyes…yes I was salivating 🙂

    Nice celebration, Corinne! Wishing you and Jose a very happy anniversary!

  9. food is such an integral part of any celebration na? 🙂
    Either at home or outside, we usually celebrate by eating good food! 🙂

    Happy Anniversary Corinne!! 🙂 Wishing you many many more years of happiness and togetherness and love! 🙂

  10. Hi Corrinne! Okay now I’m starving! I thought I’d read a nice article about how to celebrate–which I did–but I didn’t realize you were going to activate all my taste buds. I seldom write about food myself (maybe it’s a self-protection thing???) but love the way you made your food sound both very tasty and healthy at the same time. I agree about using food AND friends as an excellent way to celebrate just about anything. And because it will be dinner time soon here in California I’m thinking of celebrating your anniversary eve too! Hope you don’t mind! Oh, and congratulations and best wishes on your Anniversary! ~Kathy

  11. Hi Corrine,
    Sometimes despite our best healthy living intentions we need a break from food prep. You have Food Panda and in NYC where I live, we have Thank goodness for it. I can search by type of cuisine and find my favorite Indian, vegetarian or vegan restaurants. A few clicks and within an hour, the meal of choice is at my door.
    I am delighted to visit your blog. I feel like I have made a new friend and found a kindred spirit in Mumbai. I love your mission: keeping life simple, authentic and holistic. In fact, I have subscribed, tweeted, liked and also visited the Write Tribe. You are a inspiration and a motivator. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. All the best, Deborah

  12. Ah, a post after a while from the great Cory. And what a drool-worthy one 🙂 Loved it. Hope you and Joe had a fantastic anniversary celebration !

  13. Yep celebrations and food are complementary and everytime I make or get some good food its time for celebration anyways 😉

  14. My mouth was watering as I was reading this and the food pics look yummy. Pomfrets another favourite of mine. Food is an integral part of our celebrations too.
    Anniversary wishes to you and Jose.

  15. Oh So someone had a smoking anniversary 🙂 I just loved your post ..Although I am a vegetarian but you managed to water my mouth with the description of your pork chips and fish fries. I loved the spread and salads I am going to try for sure.

  16. Oh so much! Both as a Filipino and Franciscan at that ~ food is so much part of special occasions esp. that a celebration is one way of putting people/families/friends together. Sharing meal is sharing life!

    I love cooking and preparing food for others from way back and I remember that you had posts on your homemade recipes ~ it’s a very creative way of sharing since I get to adapt to other ingredients that we don’t have here…

    I’m also working on being faithful to my diet ~ plenty of veggies, yes! I have to trim the carbo a bit and add more meat though 🙂 Pizza and desserts occasionally would be good 😛

    I love the pork chop-salad-wine combination 😉 I hope you had a romantic and lovely Anniversary 😀

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