always begin with gratitude

Always Begin With Gratitude

What if we began every day, every action and every interaction with gratitude? Wouldn’t it be enough to affect the quality of our lives and impact the world in a positive way?

I’ve been attempting to do a very brief gratitude practice as I awake every morning. I shared this in my post – 10 Gratitude Tips.  Somehow starting the day on a grateful note makes me more mindful of all I enjoy through the day.

Looking for a more structured practice, I came up a simple one that I’d like to share with you.

    • Still yourself by focusing on your breathing
    • Ask yourself either of these two questions :   1. What is it that I’m grateful for in this moment?  2.  What opportunity is life giving me, to enable me to be more grateful?
    • Record your answers.

I’m going to add this to my Morning Pages exercise – perhaps use another notebook for it. I’ll let you know how I make progress. If you attempt to incorporate this practice into your routine or already do something similar, let me know how it goes.

Now on to my Gratitude List for June 2015. I am grateful for:

  • good health enjoyed through the month.
  • a safe trip to Mumbai and back. We managed to accomplish some things even if we were stuck indoors for a few days because of the rains. As I mentioned in my newsletter last week, we are grateful that we made a smooth exit before the ‘floods’.
  • for a safe place to park Pablo when we’re out of town and for the care and affection Sumathi of Petcetera Homestays.
  • all the blog hops I take part in and all the blogging groups I’m a part of. This brings me in touch with some wonderful people. I’m also learning more and more to write more like myself. 🙂
  • the gift of choices – never to be taken for granted. I’m glad to be making a few good ones.
  • the gift of grace that saves me from the consequences of my bad choices!

Always begin with gratitude. – Joel Levey

always begin with gratitude

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29 Comments on “Always Begin With Gratitude

  1. Corinne, a gratitude wake-up call every morning will sure help all of us focus on what we have rather than worry about what we don’t have and are hankering over. This is not to say we shouldn’t have goals but this will help bring a balance

      1. Hello Corinne. I agree. Goals are important, but living in the moment, appreciateing what we have right now is also key to living the best life. It can even motivate us toward our goals, as in, life is good. Let’s see how we can make it even better. Let’s see what life has to offer, the world has to offer.

  2. I’m grateful for your inspiration!
    I’m grateful for your heart!
    I’m grateful for your wisdom!
    I’m grateful for YOU!!!

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  4. Dear Corinne, your words always uplift one’s spirit to lead a good life and I always learn something new. I really like the idea of writing something about gratitude every morning. I intend to take the challenge in the coming days.


  5. My favorite habit is starting the day with prayer and gratitude – everything looks brighter and positive and even the sun shines brighter! I’ve treated myself to a nice thick notebook and am feeling quite thrilled about it!

    Stay blessed, Corinne!

  6. I write Julia Cameron inspired Morning Pages, too! It’s become habit to list five blessings at the start of every entry. I’ve probably been doing so for about a year, now, and seldom have I struggled. What a joy to have found your blog. I’m also grateful to have discovered Vidya Sury through the A to Z Blog Challenge! ~grin~ Blessings to you, my dear.

  7. I’ve started a gratitude journal with my kids. While we don’t write in it every night yet, that’s the goal. And I’m glad to see them thinking of things to be grateful for each night before they go to sleep.

  8. Glad you had a safe trip and also enjoyed many blog hops. I think we often forget how much making a choice is a gift. Even if they turn out to be bad choices we learn from them

  9. Gratitude is such a calming word, a humbling experience to look at our blessings, which we often take for granted. I tell myself every morning…I am happy with whatever I have and that infuses me with new energy.

    I am glad that you made a safe exit out of those dreadful floods of Mumbai. Stay blessed!

  10. I love the idea of starting the day with gratitude. Typically I just record a few notes at the end of the day, or during the day as the thought arises. But I really like the idea of taking a moment at the beginning of the day to get off on the right track – especially as I am not a morning person.

  11. Thanks corinne for this post; I do begin my day with gratitude, in fact I sleep with gratitude and rise with gratitude to keep my energy levels constant. I spend few moments in the morning, I do not write, but mainly focus on my breathing to be aware of my breath reminding myself to be thankful to the fact that I am breathing, and then I thank for every part of the body before I get busy; and surrender myself to the divine… I feel calm and am able to do everything that I planned. I keep reminding myself as I work in the kitchen, while I ride, when I reach office… I take few moments and try to maintain that state…. thank you for your timely reminders and I do appreciate you for being YOU

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